Week Package

This  week package includes flight, accommodation and your own horse for a week.

The prices vary according season and/or the country where you live.

Please contact us by email so that we can tailor a package to your needs.

Day 1: Get acquainted to your horse. Horse riding lesson at the yard.

Day 2: Vafios excursion(4hrs in the saddle with break).

Day 3: Race Track excursion (2hrs in the saddle) and beach ride           or/and swim with your horse

Day 4: Petra excursion(3hrs in the saddle).

Day 5: Day off, explore the island or/and lesson in the yard.

Day 6: Skala Sikamnia excursion (6hrs in the saddle) half a day in           Skala Sikamnia and explore the enviroment.

The excursion programme may vary according to seasonality and your needs.  

Individual excursions are also availebel.

Race track trip

Goes along the back sandy roads ofMolyvos, up hill to the race track.

Beautiful view of the area, gallop through the local race track is optional.

2 hours on the saddle.

Vafios trip

Goes along the back sandy roads of Molyvos to Vafios, gallop through

the local race track is optional, coffee break included.

4 hours on the saddle

Skala Sikamnias trip

Goes along the cost road of Skala Sikamnia,

by the hot spring waters, swim and lunch break. Seasonal


6 hours on the saddle

Beginner’s pack

2 - 3 riding lessons with our qualified

instructor in order to be able to make a 1 hour excursion  in the vicinity of Molyvos